Because Only Together We Can

‘Building Social Movement against Crime & Grime’ Our Vision is to build community cohesion thereby- developing and nurturing the creation of vibrant, safe and healthy sustainable neighbourhoods.

About Us

CCSN NPC is an Anti-Crime community-based organization registered as a Non Profit Company (NPC) operating in the old Johannesburg south i.e. wards 55, 56, 57 & 124.

CCSN NPC aims to eradicate the fear of Crime (among residents and businesses) by working with all impacted stakeholders in uniting the communities against Crime & Grime in a more practical way. This we hope to achieve by inter alia working with home-owners, ward councilors, local businesses, CPFs, Sector crime forums, SAPS, JMPD, Crèches, Schools, Churches, NGOs etc.

Residents in these areas live in constant fear of crime. Our areas therefore have become notorious for being crime havens. Some of the crimes committed in these areas include crimes that have made news highlights such as the killing of reggae star Lucky Dube in a carjacking that occurred in 2007 and the recent tragic stabbing that led to the death of a pupil at Forrest High school.

GK Neighbourhood Watch

It is premised on Know Your Neighbour Campaign, promotes Volunteerism and African Ubuntu
seeks to cultivate neighborhood cohesion
establishes social neighborhood fabrics through Street & Block Watches

Benefits of Neighbourhood Watches
It unites the community and seeks neighborhood cohesion
It reduces fear of crime in the community
It improves crime reporting by residents
It increases surveillance in the communities
It prevents and reduces crime

A Neighbourhood watch is recognized as one of the most effective ways to prevent crime
It unites neighbors around a common goal
It provides basic skills to all members on preventing and reporting crime
It builds a base for correcting neighborhood problems
It works well with other civic activities