Know Your Neighbour Campaign

We are exposed to increased occurrence of crime in old Johannesburg south. Our communities are currently experiencing a distressing climate of terror perpetuated by criminals that have taken over our streets.
CCSN NPC’s role is therefore to propel communities to ‘Take a Stand Against Crime’ and ‘Re-Claim Back Our Streets’.
We remain mindful of the fact that we cannot apply a blanket approach in dealing with the scourge but rather we have opted for a Pilot Project which will be easy to implement, monitor and evaluate.
The Pilot Project is a Neighbourhood Volunteers Initiative!!!

Our Pilot Project entails launching the Know Your Neighbour Campaign and setting up a Greater Kenilworth Neighbourhood Watch/ made up of Street & Block Watches Patroller Program to specifically patrol our streets and guard our Neighbourhood in the designated pilot project area (creation of crime-free zones).

Occurrence of Crime
These rising levels of crime in our areas are contributing immensely to urban decline and social decay.
We however recognize that the problem of crime we are faced with is interconnected with other social ills. One social ill impacts another or is influenced or perpetuated by another.
Addressing one problem whilst neglecting the other might not necessarily be the best approach for our area (old Johannesburg south).