Reg No: 2018/538216/08
160 Fraser Street
Kenilworth, Johannesburg South 2190
Contact Details: Cell: 071 777 2611
E-Mail: [email protected]

Petition against Crime, Grime, Social Degeneration & Lack of Civic
A Petition of Community Cohesion & Safety Network NPC Reg No 2018/538216/08

We the undersigned residents i.e. homeowners, tenants and local business owners of Johannesburg South residing in areas around Forrest Hill High school viz; Kenilworth, Towerby, Forrest Hill and Turffontein would like to bring your attention to the following problems with recommendations;

Our areas have become notorious for being crime havens. The escalating levels of crime and filth in our areas is drastically impacting on our living standards as residents, tenants and business owners who live; work and conduct businesses in these areas.

We live in constant fear and are terrified by the criminals who have taken over our streets, parks, schools and pushing criminal activities ranging from drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, property hijackings - executing a reign of terror that includes muggings, house/business robberies, car theft, carjackings, gangsterism as well as murder.

Some of the crimes committed in these areas include crimes that have made news highlights such as the killing of reggae superstar Lucky Dube in a carjacking that occurred in October 2007 (Rosettenville). Also the killing of Zingisile Mapazi in a carjacking on his driveway in October 2013 (Kenilworth). The situation has now become untenable this is exemplified by the recent tragic stabbing that led to the death of a pupil (Daniel Bakwela) at Forrest High school.

The list of victims of violence is agonizing and endless.

The criminals continue to keep us as ‘hostages’ in our own homes. Crime is ravaging our communities so
bad that we do not enjoy nightlife anymore, instead it is administered by criminals.
On the other hand businesses are leaving the area, others closing shop and a lot might be contemplating to leave because of crime (safety and security).

The occurrence and prevalence of crime in these areas has been eroding the state of living and survival for residents and businesses over time.

The truth is our areas have been experiencing social degeneration and worsening decline resulting in a current toxic environment we raise our children in.

Our communities are in distress and we are so much petrified by crime that it has led us into deepening community hopelessness where we live in isolation as a result of lack of community cohesion.

It has been about three months since the death of a pupil through stabbing at Forrest High school. It was also widely reported in the media about the sickening situation at Forrest high school where sexual assaults and gang activities are the order of the day. What is worrying is that the reports also indicate that the conditions at this school are akin to a prison for the younger pupils who are faced with bullying from older pupils.

As the communities around the school we have had enough of this rampant crime that is destroying our moral fibre to the extent where currently the society at large is experiencing traumatic violent attacks on women and children involving rape and murder. This has to stop now and we are willing and committed as communities, parents, educators, neighbours, professionals, young and old united to fight this scourge.

We thus recommend to you as the authorities to support CCSN NPC’s Greater Kenilworth pilot project that seeks to unite our communities, build neigbourhood cohesion, develop social regeneration, provide civic education and create safe and clean environments in partnership with relevant authorities.

We also hereby demand the removal of vagrants occupying Cornelia Park at the corner of Lindhorst and De Villiers streets in Kenilworth. Our children can no longer use or enjoy this park as the occupation of the ever increasing invaders has made it impossible.